The list of competitors for the 161st Marlow Regatta at Dorney Lake, Eton is now available to download.

The race schedule for Saturday 18th June is now available on the Regatta Master results service and as a PDF download on this page.

Please note the following: -

  • Elite doubles - due to a low entry the Elite doubles will be combined with the Senior doubles for the Time Trials and Finals. The fastest Elite and Senior doubles will win their respective trophies.
  • J15A and J16 eights - due to a low entry the J15A and J16 eights will be combined with the IM3 School eights for the Time Trials and Finals. The highest placed boat in each of IM3 Sch 8, J16 8 and J15A 8 will win their respective trophies.
  • Due to crews doubling up the Elite and Senior eights will remain separate events, with the Elite eights just racing a straight final.

Combined events will run at the later scheduled event time in the programme. We hope that this will give the crews in the events with lower entries a better racing experience at this years regatta.

The official Time Trial and Finals schedule will be published on Sunday evening. Other competitor information is now available in the downloads on the right hand side of the page.

If you are racing over the weekend of the 11th & 12th June and succesfully win an event, please let us know ASAP so we can check if your crew status will change and, if required, move you up to the next status.


Marlow Regatta

Founded in 1855, the Marlow Regatta Committee is staging the 161st Regatta at Dorney Lake on Saturday, June 18th 2016.


We will again be offering all crews a 1,900m time trial, and then based on these results, a side-by-side race over 2,000m in A, B, C, D.... finals. Racing is expected to run from 8:30 am through to 19:00. Time trials will all be rowed first, which will take the morning to complete. They will then be followed by the Finals. The same sequence of events will be followed for Time Trials and Finals.

Some may think that there is a long time to wait between their time trial and the Final, but an analysis has shown that in fact, for the majority of crews, the wait time is shorter than when we used to run heats, repechages and then Finals.  Of course some crews were eliminated after their first heat. In the new format, all crews get a both a time trial and then a side-by-side race against crews of roughly equal speed.  We feel this gives all entrants better value for money.

The order of events is designed to allow crews to double up if they so wish.
  1. Racing will take place using 6 lanes over 2000m
  2. Events with 4 or fewer entries will only be run at the regatta's discretion.
  3. For each event all crews will race a preliminary time trial over 1,900m before progressing to the finals.
  4. The time trials will be run in the same event order as the Finals.
  5. The fastest 6 crews will progress to Final A, the next 6 fastest to Final B etc.
  6. Crews will be seeded into the finals based upon their time trial result.
  7. Competitors may not double up in the same time trial wave.
  8. Competitors intending to race in two events should note the published Order of Finals (see summary of entries); this order will be used for all stages of the Regatta.
  9. Finals will take place at 5 minute intervals, and there will be no changes to the timetable to accommodate competitors who are racing in more than one event.
  10. Quart pewter tankards are awarded to winners of all Elite events.
  11. Pint pewter tankards are awarded to all other winners.
Entry Fees

Marlow Regatta strives to keep entry fees as low as possible, but as the main source of income, we have to charge a little bit more than some regattas to cover our costs. We have to bring in many temporary facilities, which are not normally present at Eton College’s Dorney Lake site (There was very little Olympic Legacy, except for the “Drove Road”) this allows us to run an event with well over 2,000 competitors. We believe that the fees charged are good value when compared to other sporting events which are staged either at Dorney Lake or elsewhere. We are thinking in particular of triathlon type events, which are mostly run by Commercial companies. Rowing events are run by unpaid volunteers, although we do have to employ commercial companies for car parking, security etc.

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