Message from the Chairman of the Management Committee

The Chairman of the Management Committee's letter about decisions at the 2012 regatta is now available from the 2012 Regatta page. Once again we apologise for failing to run the regatta to it's usual high standard.

Mike Spencer-Jones
Hon Secretary

By Mike Spencer-Jones
24th Jun, 6:49pm
Mislaid University of Worcester oars

The University of Worcester Rowing Club have discovered that they have mislaid a set of four Concept 2 Sweep blades. They had green blade handles and the spoons are plain white. If you have accidentally taken four blades home by mistake please let the Hon Secretary know so they can be returned to their owners. Thanks

By Mike Spencer-Jones
20th Jun, 9:36am
Missing Sculling blades

Poplar and Blackwall Rowing Club are missing a set if sculling blades following yesterday's regatta. They are concept 2, and they have Alfie SSS written on the handles. Please can you check your club trailer to see if they have accidentaly been taken back to your club. If you find them please let the Hon Secretary know. Thanks

Now found - thanks for looking

By Mike Spencer-Jones
18th Jun, 7:14am
Olympic lock down at Dorney Lake from tonight - please remove all trailers by Sunday evening

IMPORTANT: Just a reminder to all Marlow Regatta competitors that ALL trailers need to be removed from the Dorney Lake site by Sunday evening before the Olympic lock down comes into force. Once the site is under LOCOG control, removing any trailers left behind will be near impossible.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
17th Jun, 12:43pm
Listen live to race commentary from 08:30

You can listen live to race commentary from 08:30 this morning, either locally at Dorney Lake on 87.9FM at the regatta or via the internet at the Regatta Radio links below: -

For Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player or Quicktime

Also follow the new live results page or twitter (@marlowregatta) for up to date race results.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
16th Jun, 8:05am
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