An explanation of the Master's events at Marlow Regatta (#MarlowRegatta)

Why only two categories?
Even with adding just two age categories for both men and women we are adding a further 28 events to our Sunday schedule.

Will there be handicap races?
No, races will be in either the B or D categories only, with no handicaps.

Several members of the regatta committee have experienced racing in handicap races which, although deemed "fair", do not offer the side by side racing that makes rowing the exciting sport we wish to take part in. Following several recent trips to take part in the FISA Masters Regatta, and with the agreement of the British Rowing Competitions Committee, it has been agreed that Marlow Regatta can run a trial to offer Masters events in a similar format to the FISA Master's Regatta. We hope that this will lead to some exciting and close Masters races with crews of similarly matched ages.

How does the FISA Master's Regatta work?
The FISA Master's Regatta offers races for all age categories. It takes place over 3 days at a different location each year. Each race counts as a final, with medals being awarded to the race winner(s). Races are drawn in each category based on average crew age, with the 6 youngest crews drawn in race 1, then next 6 in race 2 etc. This way, even if older competitors enter a younger class they will likely be racing crews of a similar or closer age. (It is very common for crews to race in both their age category and the previous one, so C crews racing in B, Ds in C and so on.)

So even if you are a Master's C or E crew we hope you will enter and that we can match you up with crews of a similar average age in the B or D events.

Masters at Marlow

Each Masters race will be a straight final of 6 crews with medals awarded to the winners. Where required an event may have one or more races to accommodate all competitors, with the winners of each race receiving medals. Crews will be drawn into races based on their average age. There will be no heats and competitors my double up within the restrictions of the order of racing. Substitutions will only be allowed where they do not reduce the average age of the crew.

Further questions happily answered by the Entries Secretary (entries @

By Mike Spencer-Jones
22nd May, 10:40pm
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