GBR Lwt Mens coxless four to row at 2011 #MarlowRegatta @lightweight4gbr

Following the news that the Great Britain rowing team will not be racing in Hamburg, Marlow Regatta received a request to give the Lightweight Mens coxless four a chance to have a race. As this was after the close of entries it was agreed that they could take part in the Elite Coxless fours final. They will not be eligible to win the trophy and will just be testing themselves in their new lineup, with Peter Chambers standing in for Bartley.

Bow  Peter Chambers
2      Rob Williams
3      Paul Mattick
Str    Richard Chambers
The crew will be rowing as guests in lane 8 of the Elite Coxless fours final at 18:25.
By Mike Spencer-Jones
10th Jun, 9:58pm
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