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May we remind you that Marlow Regatta entries close at 20:00 on Wednesday 12th June.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
Posted on 10th Jun, 9:42pm
Win a free car park pass simply by liking and sharing our Facebook page. Entries close 12th June at 20:00
By Mike Spencer-Jones
Posted on 26th May, 4:54pm

There will be just a few changes to the 2019 Regatta. We will be publishing all verified race times, and also offering a new event for University Fresher’s Eights. The exact terms for the Fresher’s Eights are on the Regatta web site as a download, together with details of all other events. The web site will go live on April 1st. for orders for Club Marquees, Subscriptions, Trade stands etc.

We plan to be opening for entries on BROE2 (the British Rowing entry system) on 1st May, and entries will close at 8:00pm on Wednesday 12th June.

As many of you will know, British Rowing has moved the Senior Championships to the week prior to Marlow (and Henley Women’s). We sincerely hope that this will not affect your intention to race at either of these two events, who have traditionally been staged at this time of the year.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
Posted on 31st Mar, 2:20pm

Entries for TVTH in BROE are now closed as we have reached capacity.

Posted on 18th Jan, 4:55pm

Thank you to all crews, coaches and spectators for attending the 2018 Marlow Regatta. We hope that you had a great day's racing and enjoyed some close finals.

"Thank you all for your feedback. We acknowledge that we must in future deliver times alongside ranking post time trials. We will deliver this for you next year, but the devil in the detail. Your comments have been fully understood and when I took over recently as Chairman of the regatta, my committee understand that we are there to deliver the timing and fairness that both the coaches and athletes wish for. Work in progress, will be better next year.

Many thanks,

Ivor Lloyd


We also wish to apologise for a lack of split times during the final hour of racing. It takes a lot of effort the recruit all the required volunteers to run a regatta site for 15 hours and we were unable to fully man the timing huts for the full five hours of finals. If you could help with this in the future, please let us know.

By John Simm
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