Deadline for entries

A reminder that entries close at 20:00 tonight, 11th June, and that payment needs to have been received to confirm your entry. Please don't miss out by not submitting your crews and paying in BROE.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
11th Jun, 7:51am
Excitement builds for 2014 regatta

With less than a week till entries close and just over two weeks until regatta day the Marlow Regatta committee are putting the final touches in place for the 2014 Marlow Regatta on the 21st June at Dorney Lake. Planning has been underway for some time now for the new racing format being run this year, and the logistics required to time trial 400+ crews and then give them all a side-by-side race. A bit like running the HORR followed by a regatta!
The time trials will be used to seed the lanes for the finals, with the fastest 7 crews in each boat class racing in the 'A' final, the next 7 in the 'B' final and so on. Every boat will get to race a time trial and a final. Full results will be available via the Regatta Master website. Regatta Radio, ably supported by the Marlow commentators, will be commentating on 87.7FM throughout the day and also live over the internet, so races can be listened to anywhere in the world by supporters from Australia, South Africa, America and Ireland as well as around the UK.

Mike Spencer-Jones, Regatta Entries Secretary said, "With a large number of entries already received and 6 more days to go before entries close on the 11th June, it looks like we are in for a large entry at Dorney Lake this year. I'm expecting some very close racing too from the seeded finals which should be exciting to watch. We regret not being able to offer the Sunday racing for Masters and Para-rowers this year as we are unable to hire the lake. This is a pity as the event was proving to be popular."

By Mike Spencer-Jones
5th Jun, 11:44pm
Once Upon A Bus - A world of story telling

To help entertain the children, and the child in you, between races we will be hosting "Once Upon A Bus" at the 2014 Marlow Regatta with their double-decker bus.

A wonderful new world-on-wheels of storytelling rolled in to the Royal Borough on May the 10th!  "Once Upon a Bus" has been launched to celebrate the traditional storytelling craft with entertaining sessions on a beautiful customised double-decker bus.

Specially developed to allow young people to enjoy and explore the magic of storytelling in an interactive, immersive environment, designed, inside and out, to deliver an out-of-this-world experience, the storytelling bus will transform any event into an unforgettable adventure... through the deep dark forests, over soaring mountains, tranquil villages, bustling towns and endless oceans of the imagination.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
4th Jun, 10:10pm
Oartec dynamic rowing machines

Oartec will be providing some of their "Slider" dynamic rowing machines at the regatta for competitor warm up, cool down and for people to try out. Plus they will be providing a full Croker oar service.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
3rd Jun, 8:15am
Regatta Radio at Marlow Regatta

We are delighted to confirm that Regatta Radio will once again be broadcasting race commentary from Dorney Lake, Eton, at the 2014 Marlow Regatta on the 21st June.

The broadcast frequency has now been confirmed as 87.7fm once again, plus we will have the usual audio streams available over the internet. We aim to keep our commentators busy this year. Following the morning time trials all crews will race in a final, 'A' for the fastest 7 crews, then 'B' for the next 7 and so on. The new race format promises to give them lots of close racing to commentate on as we expect all the finals to be close races.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
19th May, 6:20pm
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