Press Release

The latest press release has been distributed to the media you can read it here

By Dave Rose
13th Jun, 1:31pm
Press Release

The latest press release has been distribuited to local media you can read it here

By Dave Rose
13th Jun, 1:24pm
2012 draw for Saturday and Sunday now published

The Saturday and Sunday draws are now available for download.

Please ensure you have read the competitor instructions. Car park passes for competitors will be issued in the next couple of days via e-mail to your BROE contact.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
11th Jun, 2:26pm
URGENT and IMPORTANT - To All Competitors

Firstly thank you for your support to Marlow Regatta.  Our aim is to provide enjoyable, fair and well organised racing.  

You will be aware that because of the Olympic Games site restrictions the organisation of the Regatta in 2012 will be VERY DIFFERENT - It will be like a riverside regatta

Moreover a very large entry will compound the site problems and we ask for your cooperation, patience and support to make the regatta a success


1.        BOATING:    

We have NO USE of the traditional boating area and rafts by Eton Boathouse

Boating will be into the return lake near the start

Boating will be 'TIDEWAY' style - there are NO RAFTS  

The boating area is VERY stony as well as wet and all competitors will need wellingtons or hard soled shoes

Each crew must have a support person when boating to help and collect boots and when returning to hand out boots - the ground is NOT suitable for bare feet.

There are NO TEMPORARY RACKS - you will need enough trestles for all boats

2.        WARM-UP

There will be very little opportunity to warm up on the lake once boated.  Crews must warm up on land

3.        SUPPORT

There is no access whatsoever for spectators past the 1500m point.  Your crews will have no support in the last 500m

Similarly coaches will not be allowed past 1500m on the island  

There will be no PA commentary - All commentary will be on Regatta Radio 87.9 fm

There may be construction work in progress.  Please take care

The 2012 Site Map can be downloaded here

It is important that you understand that this year's regatta will be difficult but with your cooperation and forbearance I am sure it will be a success              

By Mike Spencer-Jones
10th Jun, 4:43pm
Advanced warning of changes to boating arrangements for 2012 Marlow Regatta

Please note that due to a little event called the Olympics in less than 7 weeks time there will be several restrictions in place at Dorney Lake for the 2012 Marlow Regatta. The main restriction that will affect all crews is that we are unable to use the normal boating rafts in front of the Eton College boat house. All trailers will be parked between the river and the warm up lake, and all crews will be boating into the warm up lake. This will require crews to wade into the lake, so we stongly advise that they bring appropriate footwear as the bankside is gravel.

Full details are available in the competitor instructions which are available for download from here.

By Mike Spencer-Jones
9th Jun, 10:16pm
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