The Vote

The finish tower

Supporting papers arguing the case both for and against the move were circulated prior to an Extraordinary General meeting which was held on November 29th in the Shelley Theatre, Court Garden. After some lively but orderly debating a secret paper ballot resulted in the decision to move, votes for being 120, against 48, with one spoilt paper. This is again a bold step for the Regatta, similar to the decision in 1913 to change to a radically different date. History has a way of repeating itself, and a new Committee, dedicated to holding an event on the Thames at Marlow is currently busy organising an event to be held the week before Marlow Regatta. The new event will include dragon boat races and in general be a more light hearted regatta and Festival Thus we are returning to the years before 1891 when there was a "serious regatta" and a "Carnival" event.

Marlow Regatta at Dorney Lake now has the opportunity to build its reputation as one of the best regattas in the country. By moving, it has preserved its hold on its date of just two weeks before Henley. Ironically, given the history, this date has proved to be one of the Regatta's chief assets. It is to be hoped that the move to a multi-lane course will prove to be equally wise.

Over the years the cost of staging the Regatta has steadily increased. In 1892 the cost was £196 and by 1914 this had risen to £265. The next regatta in 1919 cost £514 and by 1939 this had risen to £731. In 1946 it was £974 and £133 of this went in entertainment tax. The £2000 mark was passed in 1956 and £50,000 was reached in 1995. The 2000 regatta accounts showed that the event cost £67,000 to stage.