Marlow Regatta
Club Marquees

Club Marquees

At Marlow Regatta at Dorney Lake, there is a great opportunity for your Club to invite parents, VIP’s and Alumni along, to see your crews perform at a high quality event, raced on the 2012 Olympic course. We feel that the Regatta is fairly unique in being able to offer this course–side opportunity for you to promote your Club and engage with your Club’s supporters, and thus promote your current projects.

The Club Marquee sites range in price from £105 to £195 depending on the size of the space you request. Full details are available on the downloadable application form. It includes a few car park spaces which are for your support vehicles. Your Guests would pay to park in the general car park, and walk to your Club marquee.

We will be extending the Public Address system to cover the area of the Club Marquees.

We hope that you will give this idea some serious consideration. For further details please email, or phone 01628 525977 (Day/Eve)

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