Volunteering at Marlow Regatta

Marlow Regatta is organised by the Regatta Committee on behalf of the Subscribers. The Regatta Committee is made up of volunteers who all give up their time to plan, organise and run the regatta. In addition to the committee members many more volunteers are required to help set up the regatta and to assist in it's smooth running. With the exception of the Safety boats, paramedics, catering and car parking all other areas of the regatta are run by the volunteers or volunteer groups. This includes the race umpires, time keepers, registration team, raft marshals, stakeboat holders, marshals, results team, commentators, prize giving team and IT support.

If you feel you could help and would like to volunteer, or just require additional information, please get in touch with our volunteer coordinator Charles Hill by e-mail at volunteer@themarlowregatta.com or download and complete the volunteer form and send it back.

Last year we were very grateful to the support of many individuals and the following groups who all helped to run the regatta: -

  • Many private individuals
  • Army Cadets
  • RGS High Wycombe
  • Great Marlow School
  • Marlow Rowing Club juniors

What does volunteering involve?

Volunteers can either help on the day, in advance or both. For those helping in advance we try, where possible, to split the planning & preparation between the racing and the non-racing activities.

Racing includes

  • Managing entries
  • Learning and testing the Regatta Management software
  • Performing the draw
  • Creating race schedule
  • Registering crews
  • Managing racing
  • Managing timing
  • Distribution of officials paperwork
  • Publishing results

Non-racing includes

  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscribers
  • Facilities
  • Programme production
  • Publicity (Website, Twitter, Facebook & press releases) & Communications
  • Trade stands
  • Race commentary
  • Family entertainment
  • Volunteer coordination

Volunteers work with a lead volunteer in one or more areas, to suit their availability, to complete the activities required. Each area will set up any required meetings with the lead in each area attending the regular management meetings. There are also 3-4 full meetings a year that all involved are invited to attend to find out what is happening and what is planned. We like to try and do the thinking between July & December so we can put ideas into action between January and May ready for the June regatta, while TVTH activities are just starting to kick off now are we confirm how we want to run the event.

Volunteers with more time available might like to become deputies for some of the key roles, like Entries Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, Marketing lead, lead time keeper or facilities manager.