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A sample photo from the 2012 Regatta, curtosy of the Marlow Camera Club.


Thames Valley Trial Head 2012 results

On Sunday 29th January 2012 Dorney Lake played host to the Thames Valley Trial Head, a time trial where 500 crews pit their wits against the clock over the Olympic rowing course. Luckily, the weather held out and 500 crews were blessed with perfect racing conditions. There were local successes, with wins for Windsor Boys School in the Junior 15 Octuples and Junior 17 doubles and Eton Excelsior won the Intermediate 3 coxed fours.  Sir William Borlase won the Junior 14 Octuples and Junior 16 quads.  Marlow Rowing Club had a successful day in the Senior Eights and Women’s J15 Octuples. The Marlow Regatta Committee who organise this event, were delighted to welcome Langley Academy who raced at an Open Event for the very first time, and whilst they didn't win, “put up creditable performances, and show promise for the future”, according to Marlow Regatta treasurer and British Rowing divisional representative, Mr Tony Evans.

The committee were delighted to see the breadth of competition at this year's Thames Valley Trial Head, and the vibrant atmosphere that was generated by enthusiasts for the sport of all ages. This grass roots activity demonstrates that 2012 is set to be an exciting year for rowing, and particularly for Dorney Lake, a world class facility that is right on our doorstep.

The 2012 results are now available on the Mikrotime website.

Thanks to everyone who took part.
12tvth masters handicap resultsThames valley Trial Head 2012 
284Christchurch RCMasD.1xDodsworthMasC/D 1x734winner
285RydeMasD.1xPikeMasC/D 1x737 
283Christchurch RCMasC.1xStandleyMasC/D 1x751 
460Twickenham RCMasD.1xPullenMasC/D 1x754 
459Twickenham RCMasC.1xSirmonMasC/D 1x822 
282RydeMasC.1xJennerMasC/D 1x93 
331Bradford on AvonMasF.1xTaylorMas F/G 1x754winner
490Twickenham RCMasG.1xBaileyMas F/G 1x82 
48Christchurch RCMasC.2xDodsworthMas B/C/D 2x75winner
445Abingdon RCMasD.2xBakerMas B/C/D 2x78 
250Bewl BridgeMasD.2xMaunsellMas B/C/D 2x722 
443RydeMasB.2xAdeMas B/C/D 2x723 
249Christchurch RCMasC.2xGallowayMas B/C/D 2x735 
444Bewl BridgeMasC.2xMaunsellMas B/C/D 2x756 
49Abingdon RCMasE.2xTroupMas E/F/G 2x70winner
330Bewl BridgeMasG.2xClarkMas E/F/G 2x717 
446Abingdon RCMasE.2xMacDonaldMas E/F/G 2x729 
329Abingdon RCMasF.2xRobertsMas E/F/G 2x746 
112PooleMasD.2-WilsonTime only   
111Bradford on AvonMasD.2-HardenTime only   
204Abingdon RCMasD.4x-TroupMas C/D/E 4x624winner
218Twickenham RCMasE.4x-BaileyMas C/D/E 4x626 
400Christchurch RCMasC.4x-GallowayMas C/D/E 4x646 
401Abingdon RCMasC.4x-KeoghMas C/D/E 4x715 
203Marlow RCMasD.4x-SermonMas C/D/E 4x845 
205Bradford on AvonMasD.4-JohncoxMas C/D 4-630winner
82Weybridge RCMasH.4-A.Kean 638 
402Bradford on AvonMasC.4-JohncoxMas C/D 4-655 
403Marlow RCMasD.4-FisherMas C/D 4-715 
434Bexhill RCMasD.4+HeskettTime only   
39Bradford on AvonMasD.4+LangfordTime only   
7Maidstone InvictaMasD.8+KenwayMas D/E 8+626winner
201Maidstone InvictaMasD.8+BartonMas D/E 8+627 
8Abingdon RCMasE.8+HughesMas D/E 8+627 
202CoalportersMasE.8+SmirkMas D/E 8+641 
134Oxford CityW.MasC.1xMurrayW Mas B/C 1x828winner
342Abingdon RCW.MasC.1xRobertsW Mas B/C 1x833 
133Abingdon RCW.MasB.1xRobertsW Mas B/C 1x835 
341Oxford CityW.MasB.1xMurrayW Mas B/C 1x851 
90Marlow RCW.MasA.2xPhillipsW Mas A/B 2x84winner
317Marlow RCW.MasB.2xGodrichW Mas A/B 2x953 
475Marlow RCTime onlyHaleyTime only   
318Marlow RCW.MasC.2xJacksonW Mas C/D 2x87winner
319Christchurch RCW.MasD.2xEmeryW Mas C/D 2x87winner
476Christchurch RCW.MasD.2xStandleyW Mas C/D 2x822 
35Eton ExcelsiorW.MasC.4x-AllenW Mas B/C 4x713Winner
36Marlow RCW.MasC.4x-PhillipsW Mas B/C 4x723 
34Marlow RCW.MasB.4x-GodrichW Mas B/C 4x928