2017 Winners

Picture NoEvent NoTrophyEventWinnersTime
Event 11GRAND CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 8oOxford Brookes University BC05:30.8
Event 22MARLOW EIGHTS CHALLENGE CUPTier 2 8oOxford Brookes University BC05:45.0
Event 33FRASER BOWLClub 8oRoyal Chester RC06:08.8
Event 44CLAYTON CHALLENGE CUPUniversity 8oOxford Brookes University BC06:08.5
Event 55PUBLIC SCHOOLS CHALLENGE VASESch / Jun 8oSt Edward's School BC06:13.8
Event 6a6aGERRY LAKE CHALLENGE CUPSch / Jun 2nd 8oMonkton Combe School BC06:35.0
Event 6b6bTHE ENVIROS TROPHYSch / Jun 3rd 8oRadley College BC06:24.0
Event 77GILES EVERY CHALLENGE CUPJ14 8x Hampton School BC06:37.7
Event 88BORGNIS CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 4+Imperial College BC06:21.9
Event 99CHARLES ROWE MEMORIAL CUPTier 2 4+Newcastle University BC06:30.0
Event 1010PHILLIPS ROSE BOWLUnversity 4+Durham University BC06:24.8
Event 1111THE FRIENDS OF MARLOW  REGATTA  TROPHYSch / Jun 4+Marlow RC07:02.7
Event 1212SENIOR FOURS CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 4 -Leander Club05:55.6
Event 1313TOWN CUPTier 2 4-Northwich RC06:15.9
Event 1414JUNIOR-SENIOR' FOURS CHALLENGE CUPUniversity 4-No entries 
Event 1515THE HUGH MADDOCK TROPHYChampionship 4x-Molesey BC05:55.0
Event 1616THE JUBILEE CUPTier 2 4x-Reading University BC06:09.1
Event 1717PUBLIC SCHOOLS CHALLENGE CUPJ18 4x-Maidenhead RC06:08.3
Event 1818IRIS LAKOVIC CUPJ15 4x+Henley RC06:47.8
Event 1919MARLOW PAIRS CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 2-Norwich RC07:06.2
Event 2020JOHN BROCKLEBANK CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 2xVesta RC06:50.3
Event 2121WETHERED SCULLING CHALLENGE CUPChampionship 1xOxford University BC O'Leary07:07.1
Event 2222BOOKER CUPChampionship Lwt 1xUniversity of London BC Akita07:24.0

The full set of results can be downloaded from this link, or viewed online at the Regatta Master site.

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