2017 Thames Valley Trial Head

The 2017 Thames Valley Trial Head, due to take place on Sunday 29th January, has had to be cancelled due to conditions at Dorney Lake.

The 2017 TVTH was cancelled since the lake was frozen. Whilst a thaw was in progress, and from a distance it may have appeared that the lake was free of ice, this was deceiving. Close inspection showed that there was a layer of water (due to the thaw) above a layer of ice, which was about 1cm thick. The lake was totally un-rowable. A full refund of all entry fees has been made.

The full cancellation notice from the Hon Secretary can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at tvhead {at} themarlowregatta.com

Terms & Conditions

This event takes place in the Winter, when temperatures can be low and weather conditions severe. All those entering must wear suitable clothing, and recognise that the event cannot be guaranteed to take place. Even if started, it may be stopped.
The organisers will take all reasonable steps to make the event safe, but may have to cancel. Under these circumstances, there is no guarantee that entry fees will be refunded, either in full or in part.

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