We wish to extend a sincere apology to the Marlow Regatta, and all those who participated in the event, for the slow performance of Regatta Master Online for the first 5 hours of the regatta.  Ordinarily the Azure resources used by the system are automatically allocated based on demand; however, we had switched to manual scaling due to problems with the automatic settings and neglected to restore them prior to the regatta.  A simple mistake, but one with painful consequences, for which we take full responsibility.

Regatta Master is proud of its support record, and this failure is a deserved black eye for us; I am only sorry it resulted in a black eye for the Marlow Regatta, which has placed its confidence in us.  This is a lesson we will learn from, however, and I can assure Marlow, and the many other regattas worldwide who use Regatta Master, that this lapse will not be repeated.


Steve Jensen
Regatta Master

Taken from the Regatta Master website.