1891 to 1913

The combined regatta proved a great success and was repeated in 1893 and 1894 with the addition of a ladies dongola race, but in 1895 it is recorded that General Sir George Higginson and Walter Wethered complained of the lack of serious rowing events and deplored holding a carnival rather than a regatta. As a result of these complaints the events in 1895 were:- Grand VIIIs, Junior-Senior VIIIs, Town Cup IVs, Junior Sculls, Dongolas, Ladies Dongolas, Water Polo and Tug of War. In 1896 the Ladies Dongolas and Water Polo were dropped leaving only the Tug of War as a non rowing event and this was finally dropped in 1901.

When the carnival events were dropped, Marlow Rowing Club revived its own regatta which thrived for many years initially as Marlow Aquatic Sports and Rag Regatta and later as just Marlow Rag Regatta.

During the first decade of the 20th century, the regatta became firmly established, the Junior-Senior VIIIs became the Marlow VIIIs and later a new VIIIs event was added, Senior sculls and Senior Pairs were also added. In 1913 the Thames Amateur Rowing Council, who arrange Thames regatta dates, allocated the second Saturday in August, which had become Marlow's traditional date, to Staines Regatta. This caused great consternation in Marlow and after seriously considering a mid-week date, it was decided to hold the regatta on Saturday June 21st. two weeks before Henley. This was a bold decision as at this time the regatta season opened with Henley and it was unheard of to hold a pre-Henley event. The decision proved to be very sound and from that day to this, Marlow has been held two weeks before Henley.