Multi-Lane RacingBlades

Since the move to Dorney Lake, Marlow Regatta has benefited from the facilities available and has seen considerable growth in the number of competitors attending the regatta. The last year on the river Thames saw 190 entries, but by 2003 at Dorney Lake this had doubled to 380, including new events for Junior women, additional events for the Junior men, plus new events for lightweight men.

The Open events have been particularly well attended, with crews from the USA and Australia regularly attending.

The 2004 regatta saw just short of 400 entries and a full days racing. As the regatta continues to grow, how long before the single day cannot cope with all the required races? The option is available to expand to a two day event, with additional attractions for the supporters, to accommodate the additional racing.

2005 is the 150th anniversary of the first recorded Marlow Regatta and to mark the occasion both Marlow Regatta and Marlow Town Regatta and Festival will be celebrating the event.