Lane 11 Shopping Village

“Lane Eleven” is our name for the tented shopping village at Marlow Regatta. The name derives from the fact that the rowing course has ten lanes (up to 8 for racing plus one for safety each side). Thus “Lane Eleven” is a lane of shops on land!

For suppliers of clothing, footwear and equipment to the rowing community, a pitch in “Lane Eleven” is a must. They will have a market of about 2,000 oarsmen and their supporters. The Regatta is focussed on crews preparing for Henley Royal Regatta, which includes the best Club, University and School crews in this country plus some from USA and other countries, who are also preparing for the Royal Regatta. Needless to say, since many of the competitors are schoolboys, parents form a large part of our visitors.

Many other businesses should also consider taking a pitch. Beside the athletes, there will be many spectators present. These are ideal for outdoor clothing suppliers and consumer service companies of all types, who wish to promote their services and products.


  • Locations are adjacent to the course with very good access for spectators and athletes.
  • Each trade area will be of 5m widths, with space for a vehicle at the rear. Larger pitches by arrangement.
  • Tentage available by arrangement.
  • Cost £80.00

Other opportunities include: -

  • Taking advertising in our Racing Programme (2,000 print run, one given free to each car coming on site). (see under Programme)
  • Sponsoring an event. Costs vary from £110 to £340. (see under Sponsorship)